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Hola :)

Hi everyone,

My name's Sara, I'm 18 and from Philly. I, like everyone else in here, was affected by this tragedy. I first heard of Matthew's murder when I was 11, in August of 1999 (I guess it was during one of the trials?) and it hasn't left my mind since. I think an incident like this transcends politics, age, location, or any other demographic. And I think people will always remember this. We can all relate to Matthew Shepard in one way or another. I mean, I'm an eighteen year old straight female Bush supporter, but reading through The Laramie Project and other books, I found myself going, "Politics! That's what /I/ want to do." and "5'2! That's MY height!"

Yeah, this post may have been somewhat rambling, but it's late at night, what can I say. I just saw the movie version of The Laramie Project about a half-hour ago... And I saw Brokeback Mountain earlier today for the first time ^_^

Edit: I saw BBM for the THIRD time, not the FIRST time. LOL this is what happens when Sara posts too late at night.
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