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Kind of a strange question...

I am going to Wyoming this spring and I'll be going through Laramie (I'm going to a family reunion in Rawlins). I would like to visit the site where Matthew's was found - not just the city but the actual site - remember that fence? I know that sounds very morbid - but I would like to see if there is a memorial, if the fence still exists and just see the area where he actually was.

I want to pay my respects and realize I could simply donate money to his website/charity memorial that his mother and father have set up. To me, it's not the same. I am gay. It could have easily been me tied to that fence - or any other gay person. Some how we all have a connection to this guy because we all realize it could have been us.

Does anyone know where this place is? Everything I've read simply says "taken to a place 1 mile out of town".... If some one could give me directions, I would forever be grateful.

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